Mary with German foreign minister

Mary Stavonhagen with former German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Mary and Helge Stavonhagen at US ambassador Sandy Randt's  Xmas dinner

(From left: Helge, the German ambassador and his wife, ambassador Randt, Mary, Sarah Randt and the French ambassador)




  • Mary C. Y. Stavonhagen has recently been appointed as advisor to the 'Soong Qing Ling Foundation' in Beijing as well as several other institutions.
  • She is a committee member of the Beijing International Society.
  • She is also advisor to the 'China Guardian Auction Company', China's largest auction house dealing in works of art, antiques and fine jewelry.  
  • Mary is a member of the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club.
  • We are a member of the Beijing Parkview Tower Owners' Committee.    (Parkview Tower)


Contact in China:

Helge Stavonhagen: mobile phone +86-13683518744

Mary Stavonhagen: mobile phone +86-13910992591


US +1-425-940-9797    


Official address in China:

Si Nan Lu 88-5-2002, Shanghai 200025

Private address in China:

Parkview Tower, 1 Jingyuan Xiaojie, Beijing 100125

Private address in Germany:

Corneliusstr. 3, 10787 Berlin                          Mobile 017678773798     Land line 03025464568

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Personal Information

Mary C. Y. Stavonhagen

Mary C. Y. Stavonhagen, of Manchurian origin and a close relative to Pu Yi, the Last Emperor, was educated in Japan and Switzerland. She married Helge Stavonhagen in Tokyo in 1965 and became a German national. Both Mary and Helge Stavonhagen have lived in Asia for over 40 years and have settled in Beijing in June of 1994. In Europe the family is based in Berlin. Mary is advisor to the Soong Qing Ling Foundation and Museum in Beijing as well as advisor to the China Guardian Auction Company, China's largest auction house dealing in fine antiques. She is a member of the Beijing International Society Committee and the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club. She is also advisor to the Art Beijing Executive Committee, advisor to the China Economics and Management Academy of the Central University of Finance and Economics as well as advisor to the Beijing Strategic Cultural Development Co., Ltd.



Helge Stavonhagen

Helge Stavonhagen was the Chief Representative of Lufthansa German Airlines in China from 1994 until 1998 when he took early retirement to remain in China. He served as chairman of the Board of Airline Representative in China for four years and was the first chairman of the IATA BSP China Panel. He is a founding member of the Rotary Club of Beijing and a member of the BierConvent International. He was a member of the Parkview Tower Owners' Committee in Beijing for over 12 years and was its founding chairman. 



China Briefing

For those of us who believe firmly that the 21st century belongs to China, opportunities for investment in China's bright future are plentiful. The constitution of the People's Republic of China was amended in 1998 and again in 2002 to give equal status and importance to the private sector in the economic development of the nation. The accession to the World Trade Organization bodes well: Not only will membership in the WTO enhance China's opportunities for export but by the same token China's market will become more accessible to foreigners. We expect China’s GDP to surpass that of the US by 2050. The year 2008 will be an auspicious year for China and we believe that GDP growth can easily be maintained at the 7%+ level in spite of SARS and avian influenza. So far in 2013 growth was just over 7% but it is expected that GDP will grow by 8% in 2013.


  • 1999 GDP reached US$990 billion, up 7.1% from 1998

  • CPI fell by 1.4%

  • Trade surplus was over US$29 billion

  • Foreign exchange reserves reached US$155 billion

  • GDP is estimated to have grown by just over 8% in 2002

  • 2003 GDP growth was just over 9%

  • Based on PPP, China is already the second wealthiest nation

  • GDP growth will be maintained at the 7%+ level at least until the decade ending 2013

  • China is about to overtake Germany as the world's largest exporter

  • Foreign exchange reserves reached $403 billion

  • 2004 GDP growth was 9.2%

  • 2005, 2006 and 2007 also saw GDP growth above 9%

  • First nine months GDP growth in 2007 is 11.5%

  • Yuan appreciates to under RMB6.8 to the US$.

  • GDP grew at 8% in 2008 and over 9% in 2009-2010

  • For 2012 the forecast calls for an 8% GDP growth

  • 2013/2014 the new leadership is trying to cool off the economy and hold it to a reasonable 7.5% growth during the next six years.




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